2012 Racing

For 2012, the following main regattas are planned for NSP 420 and Optimist sailors:

Marblehead Junior Race Week, Marblehead, MA - July 23-25
Scituate Junior Regatta, Scituate, MA - August 6+7
Junior Olympics, Annisquam, MA - August 12-15

In addition,
these regattas will likely be attended by some of the NSP Optimist sailors:

- USODA National Team Trials, Brant Beach, NJ - April 26-29                                          national event, invitation only
Newport Challenge, Newport, RI - June 23+24                                                               advanced local regatta, this year including interaction with the America's Cup World Series
Linda Wieditz, Rockport, MA - July 6                                                                            great regatta for beginners, low key, green fleet oriented, free parent spectator boat and free registration
New Bedford Junior Regatta, New Bedford, MA - July 7+8                                            advanced local regatta, plus separate green fleet
Hingham Bay Junior Regatta, Hingham, MA - July 19+20                                             very nice event, family oriented, protected, very beginner friendly
DBMS Jr Regatta, Duxbury, MA - July 21+22                                                                 another great opportunity for beginners to get into racing, very protected, free spectator boats for parents
- USODA National Championships, Sandusky, OH - July 26-29                                        national event
- USODA New England Championships, Newport, RI - August 6-9                                    regional event- largest Optimist regatta in North America
- USODA Atlantic Coast Championships, Beach Haven, NJ - October 6+7                         regional event
- USODA Mid-Winter Qualifier, New Orleans, LA - November 21-24                                   regional event, qualifier for national team representation 
- Orange Bowl International Youth Regatta, Miami, FL - December 27-30                            large, international event to end the season

For more details, please contact Philip Kersten.
In 2012, members of the Nahant Sailing Program competed in the following regattas:

USODA Team Trials, Brant Beach, NJ(June 11+12):
Conditions: wide variety over 4 days: from low & shifty winds with rain, to sustained winds around 30kn with gusts up to 37kn, to sunny and moderate conditions. A truly challenging regatta with the best 190 sailors from all over the US.


Nick Kersten - red, 128

Newport Youth Challenge, Newport, RI (June 23+24):
Conditions: low winds in the morning turned into a nice sea breeze in the middle of the day. Strong current against the wind. 
Very close cooperation with the America's Cup World Series made this a very memorable event. Sailors were assigned to the various AC teams and met with the team after the race for an up close interview and to check out the catamarans.
On Sunday all had a chance to look at the original America's Cup (with bodyguards) and take photos of it. Can you find Nick and Max in this official AC video?

Participants:79 - online results

Nick Kersten - red, 27
Max Carbone - red, 57 (only raced on Sat)

Linda Wieditz Regatta
, Rockport, MA (July 6):
Conditions: sunny with winds around 7kn


Nick Kersten - red,
Max Carbone - red,
Lauren Kersten - blue
Molly Frauenholz - green
Olivia Fulghum - green
Jasper Westhoven - green

NBJR,New Bedford, MA (July 7+8):
Conditions: Sunny with winds around 5-8kn

Participants:100 (83 Championship, 17 Green) - online results

Nick Kersten - red, 9th

2012 Hingham Bay Junior Regatta (July 19+20)
Conditions: Overcast (after a day with very heavy thunderstorms), low winds from NNe 5-8kn

Participants:101 (63 Championship, 38 Green) - online results

Nick Kersten - red, 2nd
Max Carbone - red, 8th
Lauren Kersten - blue, 43rd
Jasper Westhoven - green, 2nd

2012 Duxbury Bay Junior Regatta (July 21+22)
Conditions: Sunny with winds from NNE 5-8kn and S 10kn on Sunday - perfect sailing conditions

Participants:25 (4 white, 12 blue 9 red in Championship, 16 Green) - online results

Nick Kersten - red, 1st
Max Carbone - red, 4th
Lauren Kersten - blue 8th in blue
Jasper Westhoven - blue, 9th in blue

2012 Marblehead Junior Race Week (July 23-25)
Conditions: Sunny various winds with early end on Tue due to Thunderstorms

Participants:141 (69 Championship, 72 Green) - online results

Jasper Westhoven - blue, 34 overall
Lauren Kersten - blue 52 overall

Participants:80 (45 Championship, 35 Green) - online results

Olivia Aswad/Olivia Cooke- Championship, 34 overall
Lydia Antrim/Sara Martin -  Championship 42 overall
Austin Gillespie/Mark Kamen -  Championship 44 overall

2012 USODA Optimist Nationals, Sandusky, OH (July 26-29)

Participants: White Fleet (44), Green Fleet (40), Blue Fleet (126), Red Fleet (107)     Total: 317 

Nick Kersten - 44 in red,  83 overall

Scituate Junior Regatta, Scituate, MA(Aug 6+7)

Participants:70  - online results

Olivia Aswad/Olivia Cooke- Championship, 51 overall
Lydia Antrim/Jake Whitlock-  Championship 65 overall
Jake Baldwin/Christian Peterson -  Championship 68 overall

2012 USODA New England Championships, Newport, RI (August 7-9)
Conditions: 3 days of southerly breeze building up throughout the day, very strong current

Participants: Championship: 321, Green Fleet: tbd     - online results

Nick Kersten - 53 in red,  85 overall

2012 Mass Bay Junior Olympic Festival, Annisquam, MA (August 13-15 )
Conditions: 3 days of low winds with the 3rd day's races cancelled due to T-storms

Participants: Championship: 54 , Green Fleet: 28 - online results

Nick Kersten - 3 in red,  5 overall
Lauren Kersten - 52 overall
Tim Nerich - 8 in green

Participants: Championship: 50 , Green Fleet: 22 - online results

Lydia Antrim/Sara Martin - 34 overall
Ryan Frauenholz / Charles Ross - 21 in green
Connor Murphy / Dennis Maclone -22 in green

2012 USODA Atlantic Coast Championships (ACCs), Little Egg Hbr, NJ (Octover 6+7)
Conditions: windy first day (15-20kn) with warm temperatures (75F), followed by a mid wind (5-12kn) day with low temperatures (55F). Excellent team racing day the day after ACC's directly in the harbor.

Participants: Championship: 242 , Green Fleet: tbd - online results

Nick Kersten - 70 overall

2012 Halloween Haul, Newport, RI (Octover 27+28)
Conditions: low winds on the first day, ie very nice fall sailing, followed by a very windy Sunday (caused by Hurrican Sandy)

Participants: 42 Championship: ,- online results

Nick Kersten - 5
Jasper Westhoven - 19

Orange Bowl International Youth Regatta, Miami, FL (December 27-30)
Conditions: 2 low wind days, followed by 2 mid wind days, warm water, lots of international competition.

Participants: Championship: 250 , Green Fleet: 85 - online results

Nick Kersten - 134 overall

2012 Team Trials, Brant Beach, NJ

Newport Challenge

Newport Youth Challenge

Nationals - Launch Time Lapse

New England's Red Start