Nahant Sailing Program (NSP)


Welcome to the Nahant Sailing Program (NSP) website!

NSP provides sailing instruction for beginners through advanced racing, to students from age 8 and up. NSP’s sailboat fleet of Optimist and 420 dinghies and Rhodes 19 keelboats is well suited to meet the needs of a range of sailing skills and interests.  

The experienced NSP instruction staff will eagerly share their enthusiasm and knowledge of sailing with the students!

Note: All students must pass a swim test, in the ocean, on the first day of class.

The 2017 summer season: 

Starts July 3rd - Ends August 18th.

** NEW for 2017**:

"Ocean Adventure Week": August 21st - August 25th (9am - 4pm)

A separate class, with a separate weekly fee, for  students wishing to extend the sailing season with a 5 day, full day, "Ocean Adventure". Open to all kids, those in an NSP class for the summer, and those that aren't.  Age groups: #1) 11-14 #2) 8-10. Participation in NSP full season class, is not required.

We encourage you, friends, and family, to learn more about sailing in a fun and safe environment.

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Please have a look at the safety video for 420s:

YouTube Video

- a new outboard
- 2 race-ready 420s
- 3 Rhodes 19 (to provide more safety - among other things - for our beginners)
- 1 Rhodes 19 trailer
- 15 optimists
- 8 opti dollies
- 2 new motor boats with trailers to enhance the reliability, utility, and safety of  the fleet
- a large rack to store boats at the wharf
- 3 sets of new sails for the 420's so our racers can be competitive

The cost for expensive, but necessary, items is not covered by the registration fees or Town of Nahant's contribution.  Only through the dedication of volunteers and support of these NSP/FNS fund raisers is NSP able to provide a comprehensive sailing program as such a reasonable price.  So thanks again for all the support.

We would like to specifically thank the following for their very generous donations and support of the Nahant Sailing Program:

01908 Foundation
J Mark and Vi Patek Family
Mickey Long
The Weatherspoon Foundation
The Nahant Dory Club.

You not only helped us providing scholarships but also significantly helped improving the financial side of the program.
Thank you!!

FNS = Friends of Nahant Sailing, the 501(c)3 organization set up to raise funds for NSP.
Contact Josh Antrim or Philip Kersten if you like to get more information or are interested in making a tax deductible donation.

For questions, please contact:

Mark Patek                     (781) 598-1060

Doug Frauenholz (781) 595 4142

Jeff Hall               (781) 581 1686

Philip Kersten                    (339) 927 1575

Pete Dickinson                (781) 581 1405

Haley McDevitt                    (781) 771 9505