We use the following types of boats for the sailing program:

Optimists (Optis)

The Optimist Class is the largest and fastest growing International Sailing Class in the world. This is undoubtedly because it is the ideal youth training boat. It is safe and simple enough for very young children to sail, yet lively and exciting enough for kids up to 15 to race in international competition.

Length: 7' 6.5"

Sail area: 35 square feet

NSP fleet size: 15


The Club 420 is a lightweight, high-performance, planning-hulled dinghy that is super fast and exciting to sail. It also provides the additional excitement and challenge of a spinnaker and trapeze. Over 100 schools and colleges across the country already have active racing fleets and the class is rapidly becoming even more popular. For those who want to race, there are ample opportunities to compete in the 420 on local through international levels. Many Olympic sailing champions trained the the Club 420 as junior sailors.

Length: 13' 9"

Sail area: 110 square feet

NSP fleet size: 8

Rhodes 19s

The Rhodes 19 is a 19 foot, one design sailboat that provides excellent day sailing and competitive racing for families, couples and individuals.

Designed by leading naval architect Philip Rhodes over 50 years ago, the Rhodes 19 has evolved into a popular, exciting and inexpensive sailboat with a strong national following.

NSP fleet size: 5


For safety and coaching, our instructors have a fleet of powerboats:

  • 3 Boston Whalers
  • 1 Carolina Skiff
  • 1 RIB

Regatta trailers

To get our boats to regattas, the program provides:

  • 1 trailer that can carry up to 3 420s
  • 1 trailer that can carry the RIB and up to 4 optis